Samba Shares

Are there any users who can no longer access their shared file using windows 10 and Samba on the (in this case) pi?
Is there a nother program like samba?


No, samba is the only one, and I can confirm that samba (if well configured) does provide shares to Windows10.

Maybe your samba service does only provide SMBv1, that should be switched off since… there was an 0-day exploit (summer this year…) to every windows version…

I have this same issue with my RPi3 and Samba to Windows 10. It works for weeks, suddenly won’t connect.

I ran all updates from the console for OH2 yesterday, still wouldn’t connect. An hour later, it works.

Nothing changes between last night and this morning, no longer works.

Very frustrating!

Samba does work really well with win10. I am using it right now. Please try to configure manually the connection to samba not using network names like openHABianPi but using ip number.

Like this:


Did you setup samba to provide a wins server?

If you’re asking me then the answear is yes. After updating my openhab installation to snapshot samba shares disapeared from windows network view. But i got around it by using ip number as explained earlier. There was some minor changes to my local network settings at the same time that could be the cause and not oh update. I’ll look into this hopefully later this week.

But still, samba is definetly working.

Two computers, both Windows 10 inc. updates but one won’t connect, strange

I checked my configurations and there is something wrong with dns. At the same computer where OH is running i have also bind server. The whole server loses it’s dns config and i have to update it manually. I’m quite sure this has something to do with samba shares not showing under windows.

Got my dns problem sorted out but that didn’t solve the visibility in windows. Could people post their smb.conf files so I can compare them against my own? Especially if you are running openHABian and it’s a fully working system. And one installed through apt repos. Really like to get this sorted.