Same air pressure sensors show hPa and some show kPa

Hi guys,

I have 8 Xiaomi Temperature, Pressure and Humidity Sensors around and just upgraded to OpenHAB 2.5.4 Release Build (I was on 2.4)

I noticed that some of my air pressure readings of those sensors now show “kPa” and some show “hPa” as units. They are the same sensors, no difference in configuration or item setup. How can this be (fixed)?

See screenshot:

Item setup:

Number:Temperature		XHTP01_Temperature	"Temperature"											<temperature>	{ channel="mihome:sensor_weather_v1:158d00025d8b50:temperature"		}
Number:Dimensionless	XHTP01_Humidity		"Humidity"												<humidity>		{ channel="mihome:sensor_weather_v1:158d00025d8b50:humidity"			}
Number:Pressure			XHTP01_Pressure		"Pressure"												<pressure>		{ channel="mihome:sensor_weather_v1:158d00025d8b50:pressure"			}
Number					XHTP01_Battery		"HTP Sensor #1 Battery [%s %%]"		<battery>			{ channel="mihome:sensor_weather_v1:158d00025d8b50:batteryLevel"	}
Switch					XHTP01_BatteryLow	"HTP Sensor #1 Battery Low [%s]"	<radiobutton>	{ channel="mihome:sensor_weather_v1:158d00025d8b50:lowBattery"		}

Number:Temperature		XHTP02_Temperature	"Temperature"											<temperature>	{ channel="mihome:sensor_weather_v1:158d0002c1294a:temperature"		}
Number:Dimensionless	XHTP02_Humidity		"Humidity"												<humidity>		{ channel="mihome:sensor_weather_v1:158d0002c1294a:humidity"			}
Number:Pressure			XHTP02_Pressure		"Pressure"												<pressure>		{ channel="mihome:sensor_weather_v1:158d0002c1294a:pressure"			}
Number					XHTP02_Battery		"HTP Sensor #2 Battery [%s %%]"		<battery>			{ channel="mihome:sensor_weather_v1:158d0002c1294a:batteryLevel"	}
Switch					XHTP02_BatteryLow	"HTP Sensor #2 Battery Low [%s]"	<radiobutton>	{ channel="mihome:sensor_weather_v1:158d0002c1294a:lowBattery"		}


	Frame label="Current Air Pressure" icon="pressure" {
		Text item=XHTP01_Pressure	label="Serverroom"			icon="serverroom"
		Text item=XHTP02_Pressure	label="Bedroom"					icon="bedroom"
		Text item=XHTP03_Pressure	label="Livingroom"			icon="sofa"
		Text item=XHTP04_Pressure	label="Bathroom"				icon="bath"
		Text item=XHTP05_Pressure	label="Balcony"					icon="terrace"
		Text item=XHTP06_Pressure	label="Workbench"				icon="workbench"
		Text item=XHTP07_Pressure	label="Attic"						icon="attic"
		Text item=XHTP08_Pressure	label="Guest Bedroom"		icon="bedroom"
		Text item=XHTP09_Pressure	label="HiFi Rack"				icon="receiver"

Just noticed, same for the Humidity. Some show unit “one” (?) and some show “%”

I got the solution, it was not was I expected.

There is a bug in the current Xiaomi Mihome Binding 2.5.4 which prevents the use of multiple Xiaomi Bridges in OpenHAB 2.5. I have 3 bridges.

After I installed the old 2.5.3 binding everything was working and displayed as expected.