Samples Trick - How to add current or forecast weather icons to your sitemap

I really believe I’ve followed every step of the Samples Tricks to add a simple line with a weather forecast but I can’t get the weather to load on my sitemap! What am I doing wrong?

String w “Today [%s]” { http="<[]"}

I added my api key, changed Luxembourg/Luxembourg to my city per the examples, I added the icons (and converted them from .gif to .png) to the icons folder, I added the .xls file to transform folder, and I added the line to my sitemap (i tried it alone, in a frame, in a group, nothing changed).

My sitemap just shows the word “Today” on the left and a dash (-) on the right and I feel dumb. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

The “-” indicates that the Item is undefined. Look in your openhab.log file for errors to see if it is having problems retrieving or transforming the result.

Also, that example is old and I think comes from a time before there was a Weather Binding. The Weather Binding is much easier to use and I recommend looking into it instead of parsing web pages. I’ve posted my weather setup here for another example of how to use it. It is a pretty comprehensive example which should get you to where you want to go.

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