Samsung 2016 TVs WOL Support?

I believe there are various past topics stating the SamsungTV binding will not work with newer TVs? And/Or is the binding still be supported?

In googling around I found the friendly competition has this working? On my newer KS 2016 model, I just tested and was able to turn both ON and OFF the TV, as well raise Volume Up, Down, and Mute.

Is it possible the binding can be updated to work with newer models?


Any feedback on this ? Any enlightenment how the friendly competition does it ?
Got a KS 2016 model, too…
And how do you turn the TV on ? It does not respond to IP if OFF (I’ve just tested WiFi, is it different for the Ethernet port?)

I use the chromecast binding to turn my Samsung TV on - get it to play a 1 second silent MP3 and that turns the TV on (I bought an old Chromecast just for that purpose). I then use the Samsung binding to switch the TV from the chromecast to the right input.

One more item on my “stupid but works” list.

Yeah, I’m using Kodi or my Dreambox. There’s the cec-client package to send HDMI CEC that you can use on any HDMI-connected Pi or other Linux box.
However I’m still stuck on the original problem. According to this and this, my TV is supposed to support WOL (it has a firmware named T-JZM…), but I just can’t get that to work.

EDIT: got it, I use the wakeonlan package via exec binding.

See also my latest post in Samsung TV binding for 2016 model K series

Testing with 2017 6 Series UN55MU6290 with Tizen-3.0-TRUNK2017-KantM-RELEASE_20180918.1 firmware and Smart View 2.0, T-KTMAKUC-1250.5. According to this link it supports Smart View and according to the Extension SDK it supports WOL.

I can power TV off with Samsung Smart View app, then TV drops off the network and can’t ping, therefor it will require WOL for full power control. Testing with Linux CLI "# etherwake did not power on TV. Not sure if Wake-on-LAN binding would be any different. I had to allow control on TV when initially connecting Android app so I wonder if WOL is filtered to approved devices. @mstormi, did you have to authorize Samsung binding before Wake-on-LAN binding worked?

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