Samsung Air Conditioner Binding for OH 3

I’m looking for a binding to integrate my Samsung Windfree Split Air conditioning.
I found the binding for OH2.5.
Is there anyone you could migrate this binding to OH3?
is this the correct binding for my AC?
I was searching the web and community for a solution.


Have a look here.
I did not manage yet to get my windfree Samsung AC to work though (running the binding in OH3, but it’s more a problem of getting the token).

how did you install the binding? which binding? version?

Have a look in the thread i linked, i think the OH3 version is somewhere linked in it. Will check though tomorrow if you cannot find it.

Edit: found it: Here

OK; I will try it to install.
I’ve OH 3.1, so I think I’ve to downgrade first.


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