Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 support

Hi All,
I’m looking for a way to interface my watch with openHAB V4.
My watch is a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 that uses the android operating system.
Earlier versions of the watch used the Tizen operating system and I had used the tizen app to interface to my OH.

Is there a app for the android watches?

Thanks Neil.

I use galaxy wearable and you have to have watch 4 plug in. Works just fine with almost any newer Andriod 10 os+ that I have used.

How do you mean you can control OH with this? I also have a Galaxy Watch 4 and I have never found any means to control my OH with it…

I’m reasonably sure that previous comment is a bot, since it has nothing to do with openHAB.

Options I’m aware of include:

  1. Tasker with AutoWear or WearTasker.
  2. MacroDroid with its watch companion app.
  3. Google Assistant voice commands.

I haven’t actually tried MacroDroid, since Tasker works well enough for my purposes. I had AutoWear working, but removed it since I never used it. If I really need to use my watch to send a command, I just use Google Assistant.

  I think I have miss understood the question. The apps are for controlling the watch and settings. Please forgive me, I am new and have a lot to learn about OpenHAB. I would however like to know about using the watch 4 integration with OH. 


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