Samsung Smartthings binding shows offline things as online


I’m using OpenHAB 2 with the Samsung SmartThings binding. It works very good. I have Ikea bulbs and buttons, Ledvance outlets and Eurotronic radiator thermostats connected. But one thing is strange: when a thing (i. e. a bulb) is switched off, then it’s correctly reported as offline in the Smartthings App and web interface. But in openHAB it’s still online. I find this a bit strange because the thermostats are constantly reporting the current temperature and also battery states are well reported to openHAB, but not if a device is offline.

Any idea?


A Thing’s online/offline status doesn’t usually mean what you think it means. Usually it means that the communications channel between openHAB and the end device is open. In this case the “end-device” is the SmartThings Hub, not the light bulb. So as long as OH can communicate to the SmartThings Hub, all the Things that are accessed through that Hub are considered to be online too. Only if the communication with the Hub goes offline will the Things go to offline as well.

There are exceptions to this but in general that is how many if not most of the bindings work.

Hi Rich,

thanks for your record fast answer.

What you explained makes sense. But this means my idea, to fire a rule when a SmartThings device is switched on, will never come true! :slight_smile:

Thanks again and have a nice day.

I think you are confusing On/Off with Online/Offline - the bulb should always be online (ie. connected to the Samsung Hub). If you are seeing items as offline in OpenHAB it would indicate a issue with the device connecting to the network (you don’t say if this is Zigbee, Z-Wave or other).