Samsung TV 2019 Model - Thing goes offline

Hi all,

we have just bought a 2019 model of Samsung TV => gq65q85rgtxzg

We run openHAB 2.5.5 stable on our system.

I was happy that Binding found this model properly, even manually search has to be used. There was a message to allow openHAB on TV, which has been confirmed.
First I created TV-Power Thing using Visual Studio Code to avoid typings and OFF works right away, while I was not able to switch TV ON again :-/ I added more items like channel, ID, etc but those all remain NULL :frowning: and furthermore Thing goes offline after few minutes and I wasn’t able to get this back online. I removed thing and started search again to create from scratch and thing appears, message on TV confirmed, but same behavior. Now even the message on TV doesn’t appear any longer and I have no idea where to look for this in configuration (any hint appreciated, as e-manual doesn’t show anything for this either)

Is there a working/improved version already available for testing?? Any plans to update Binding to support 2019 Models or even later 2020??


Still lots of issues with the Samsung binding, here’ a thread that has many postings about GitHub actions against the binding.

Best, Jay

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