Samsung TV binding for 2016 model K series


I own Samsung tv KU6300 model and used to set it up with openhab. I read Samsung TVs accessible through ios or android app can be controlled through openhab. I could control tv through samsung smart view ios app, so assume it is a supported model. But when sending commands from openhab i am getting “connection refused” error.

[runtime.busevents             ] - volume received command UP
[s.internal.SamsungTvConnection] - Could not send command to device on Connection refused: connect

You’ll have to check as I might be wrong but I do remember reading somewhere that encryption (mentioned on the binding page) stopped newer models from working. Because of that it was also unlikely to be worked around.

Binding Wiki page says it will not work for H series because of encryption, so I thought it would work for K series model.

I’m not sure if the newer models are any different but with the older ones you can’t power on the TV anyway. When the TV was in standby the network port was shut down so if you wanted more control you’d have to go with IR control anyway.

Do you know, that it is posible to control (some comands) a tv with exec-binding and hdmi interface.
If this is interesting to you, have a look at

or search the forum for hdmi cec.

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Thank you Josh & Rud, I will explore those options.

I remember from reading somewhere that someone had managed to use the Chromecast binding in openHAB2 to turn on his samsung TV but was having difficulty stopping the Chromecast from streaming so HDMI CEC should be possible in theory.

i use an ir transmitter based on arduino, which listens to mqtt, if the tv draws only <15W after powering on, the IR Cmd “Power” is sent.
But i need it only in rare scenarios.
Most of the time it is okay to let Kodi turn on the tv. (a raspberry pi with hdmi-cec support, does the same like the chromecast)

Hi Guys,

any news on this? I ´ve a KS8090

org.openhab.binding.samsungtv.internal.protocol.RemoteControllerException: Connection failed

Have a look on this link Samsung TV K Series - OH2 with exec binding and python3, TV Control -question setting TV volume like Setpoint, Rollershuter

HI Jozef,

THX, i´ll test it :wink:

Also looking to control my KS7090, I came across this.
@pauli_anttila, as I believe you’re the original author of the samsungtv binding,
would you be willing to have another look after support for new models ?
EDIT: Seems there now are some alternative solutions available. Please check those projects listed in my followup posting.
Thanks in advance!

Found this, this and this.
Can you evolve the binding based on either of these solutions ?

I’m willing to have a go at it - even though I have very little Java experience. I do believe that the existing Samsung binding can be adapted to use websockets instead of regular TCP sockets, which it is using right now. Or maybe even both where it can be configured on the binding. I have a 2016 Samsung K model TV too and I’ve tested the websocket API and it works fine on my TV; the current Samsung binding in OpenHAB, however, does not.

Maybe @pauli_anttila is willing to have a look at this as well, I can imagine it will be much easier for him to change his code than it will be for me. (Little to no experience with Eclipse, Java and OSGI). In which case I (and as I can imagine several others as well) will be very grateful!

Of course you could use the Exec binding and the cobbled together Python script which will more or less do the same - but to me this feels like a hack; I’d much rather have a custom binding for the Samsung TV than use cli or Python scripts.

I was looking into this and found the samsung connect app. It seems to have an API and when you log into my KS9005 And log into the iphone app i can see the device status (channel, hdmi, app eg Netflix).

The samsung connect api seems to be documented here.

Any news anybody on a Samsung TV binding to support encryption with their H series and newer ?

Still nothing new for this binding? FHEM can handle also newer TV models…

The current binding works fine with my K series TV and probably most newer ones, too.
EDIT: yes only partially. Power is fine but not all channels are.

The binding would not work with my 2020 Q series TV.

With my 2019 Q series TV it works partially. I can use only “power” (off) and “volume mute” (on/off) commands. Other thing channels not working.