Samsung TV Binding Issue

openHABian on Raspberry Pi 3B
openHAB 2.4.0~20181001112604-1 (Build #1378)

I installed the binding and my TV was auto-discovered. I linked the Thing’s power channel to a self-declared Switch Item.

Switch  Bedroom_TV "Bedroom TV" [Switchable]

The following message is logged when I change the state of the switch Item to ON in my Sitemap.

[WARN ] [tv.internal.handler.SamsungTvHandler] - Channel 'samsungtv:tv:{thing_ID}:power' not supported

The binding documentation lists a limited number (for obvious reasons) of Samsung TV models as having been tested with the binding. Is this a problem with my declarations or is this 2015 TV model UN32J5205AF truly not supported? If the latter, any plans for updates to the binding?



Not sure about the binding and the year make of your TV. If you don’t already have it here’s the 2.4 snapshot jar if you wanna try it. It may be updated to work with older Tv’s???$org.openhab.binding.samsungtv/

I just updated my openHAB to the latest (Oct. 1) SNAPSHOT prior to installing the Samsung TV binding. I trust that gets me the latest version of the binding; yes?

It should but you can check the version you have using Karaf console.

After my post I noticed your on 2.4.:roll_eyes: It still wouldn’t hurt to check.

Yup - October 1 2.4.0

209 │ Active   │  80 │     │ Samsung Tv Binding

See docs.
Samsung introduced encrypted communication at some stage (in or after H series I think) and so TV models newer than that one are not supported. Got a 2016 K series one that doesn’t work either.

Would my TV (UN32J5205AF) be a model ‘J’ then?

I’d read the docs, but since the TV was auto-discovered, I wondered if this model “passed”.

I’ve been AMAZED over the past 10-12 months at the creativeness and breadth of solutions in the online community across a multitude of technologies (openHAB related and otherwise). This includes the vast number of add-on solutions people have created for openHAB. I’m surprised this particular Samsung protocol nut has not been cracked.

Researching further based on @mstormi comment… I did find that this model’s OS is based on Samsung’s Tizen OS. I found that Samsung has an API and an SDK for the Smart TV “platform”. I suppose that’s what is used for developers to create apps (Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, etc.) for the Samsung Smart TVs. I wonder if this “control” could be established by having an app “listener” on the TV that would respond to openHAB initialed dialog? Just spitballing. I have no idea if or how this would function, just planting a seed :wink:


me, too

Tried that already myself.

I just had a look into this for 10 minutes
There is a full API provided to control the TV though “apps”
Unfortunately I do not possess a Tizen OS Samsung so will be unable to try that
The SDK also provide network access so it should be possible to create an “apps” that listens to
commands via an unencrypted port with a self-written API
I would be willing to write and test this, I just need a TV…

Not the most efficient method of development perhaps, but I’d be willing to serve as the testbed for the Samsung Smart TV & updated binding.

Just want to jump on the bandwagon here in hoping for an updated Samsung Binding one day. I have a 2016 Model K TV as well, and would really like a better solution to controlling and possibly polling the TV status.

Right now I can get some basic things like ON/OFF, Volume Up/Down and Mute done via scripts and rules found here in the forums. But its not a pretty solution and still no way to actually check the status of TV that I know of.

Most of the info on that stuff can be found here:

I also did learn that my model K tv does support wake on lan support as well, and I found I can turn on the TV both via exec and a script or by sending a wake on lan signal to the TV.

I have not been able to get a SleeponLan to work, but can turn it off via the exec and script.

Hoping this leads to an update that includes a larger pool of supported Samsung TVs -