Samsung TV Binding - Samsung H Series again

Hey guys,

I know that the Samsung TV binding does not work with Samsung H models at the moment and I’ve seen a lot of discussions going on around this topic.
First of all, in many of the discussion I saw people saying, that Samsung H series is running Tizen, which is wrong. It’s running “Orsay”, like the previous generations.

From my point of view, as the OS stayed the same, there couldn’t be that much differences between a D and a H model. From my experience, some commands are working (volume control + activating mute (deactivating mute is not working), on my UE55H6600, so if Samsung would really have changed something completely, why would the volume control still work?
The only difference I see is the pairing. On my D series model, it’s only asking for allowance for the device (openhab in this case). On my H series TV, it’s also only asking for allowance, when using openhab, but when I use the mytifi iPhone app, it’s asking for a PIN, which is displayed on my TV and this PIN needs to be entered in mytifi, to pair the TV and my smartphone.

Since the OS hasn’t change, I’m wondering if the authentication method via PIN, could be the only difference, or in other words - once the TV and openhab are paired via PIN, all commands should be the same like with my D series TV and accepted. Is that possible? If yes, only the PIN authentication needs to be implemented (maybe it’s based on the MAC address of the device). I know that it’s possible to initiate the pairing via the following command:


Once you connect to that URL via browser, the PIN is prompted on the TV. The big question for me is, how do I send the PIN code back to the TV via openhab or CLI?

I just wanted to test this option, before I buy a new TV (probably a Sony Bravia this time), as controlling my TV via openhab is a very important feature for me.

Any ideas on this are welcome.

Regards and many thanks in advance

PS: I know that it’s possible to control the TV via Harmony Hub or any other IR blaster, but to be honest - I don’t want to have 50 different boxes in my house, just for controlling the different devices I have.

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I am also interested in this.

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Hey guys,

I checked GitHub and there seems to be a working PIN authentication for Samsung H series.

Can someone have a look, if it’s possible to add PIN authentication method to the Samsung binding, maybe @pauli_anttila? This would be so nice :slight_smile:


I tested the Script and it worked :slight_smile: I was able pair my PC (Ubuntu) and TV and to control it via the web interface. It’d be very helpful, if there’d be a way to include this in the Samsung binding.

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As I don’t own Samsung TV which need PIN authentication, it’s not my todo list (which is quit big already and growing all the time).

Most probably, it pretty easy to extended the binding to support this, but it’s need volunteer, who own the TV and have urgent need to have openHAB support for it. So maybe you @Basti3107 or @tnemrap could try to do it.

I can help.

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Hey guys,

Quite a while ago since the last post. Is there anyone who could help? My programming skills in Java/Java Script are very limitated, so it would be great if somebody with the necessary skills could have a look on it.
I think there are two major problems.

  1. The script I found on GitHub works, but you need to reestablish the pairing every time, you execute the script. I think this is because the pairing key is not stored in a variable or config file.

  2. The existing Samsung TV binding needs to be modified, so that it works for H-series Samsung TVs and all other models, which are using the same authentication method.

Would be great if some could help here.

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Push :slight_smile:
This post looks very interesting, it there a change to get someone on board, that is able to apply changes?

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