Samsung TV HDMI Loop

i have a rule that when my PS5 turn on the tv turns on and then tv changes input problem is that the input keep getting a loop and going from hdmi 1 to hdmi 2 and cant seem to stop as only want it on hdmi 1 which is where my PS5 is

Without showing your rule, nobody can help you.

Also why you are using a rule? Nearly all new TVs should support CEC and will automatically switch to the HDMI port of your PS5 (if cec is enabled)

Im using Wi-Fi HDMI which mean it doesn’t turn my tv on and change input


i think the main problem is that you are using “updated” in the When block (myhbe change it to “changed to” )

Did you check already the logs, if the PS5_Online item get updates all the time when ON?
Or how often the command KEY_HDMI is send=

Also what is the command KEY_HDMI doing?
Does this change the HDMI port to a specific port?
Or is this command just alternate through all HDMI ports?

Key_hdmi does both hdmi 1 and hdmi 2 how can tell it that i only want hdmi and how do tell it to only send the commaed onces

maybe with KEY_HDMI1 ?
As i already said, check how often your rule is triggered and maybe change the when clause to “changed to”

i have made the changes now will check when im home tonight and let you know

Hi that work but KEY_HDMI1 doent work only KEY_HDMI Works but now the tv comes on when i turn on
my ps5 wont change input to KEY_HDMI