Samsung TV keycode not supported?

I’m trying the OH2 Samsung TV binding. When I try to send a key code to the TV through the keycode channel I’m getting this error:

==> openhab.log <==
2016-09-18 22:39:43.302 [WARN ] [g.samsungtv.handler.SamsungTvHandler] - Channel ‘samsungtv:tv:TVSalon:keycode’ not supported

==> events.log <==
2016-09-18 22:39:43.304 [ItemCommandEvent ] - Item ‘TVComando’ received command KEY_SOURCE
2016-09-18 22:39:43.309 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] - TVComando changed from NULL to KEY_SOURCE

samsungtv:tv:TVSalon [ hostName=“”, port=55000, refreshInterval=1000]

String TVComando “Comando” { channel=“samsungtv:tv:TVSalon:keycode” }

rule "Switch Entrada TV"
Item EntradaTVSalon received command

Thanks in advance.

I’m just guessing, but I think the:

String TVComando "Comando" { channel="samsungtv:tv:TVSalon:keycode" }

Should be something like:

Switch        mute           {samsungtv="ON:Livingroom:KEY_MUTE, OFF:Livingroom:KEY_MUTE"}

As keycode is just a placeholder for the actual key name. See the binding wiki for example keycode options.

That’s how it was in OH1, but I mean the OH2 version:

Also, I’m not getting anything in the “sourcename”, “sourceid”, “programtitle”, “channelname” and “channel” channels.
Anybody have a working example?

What generation is your TV?

You need an older generation 5 TV for the binding to work. The newer models don’t use the same protocol to communicate.

It is a C series (2010 model).

I don’t know how samsung range was in 2010 sorry, but what’s the actual model number? If it ends with 5xxx then it’s series 5 and it will work. If it ends in 6xxx or 7xxx then it won’t.

It’s a C6500. Where can I find what is supported and what not?

Everything was OK with the OH1 binding, but the OH2 one seems to be more complete.

OK, so that’s a series 6 TV.

I’d done a forum search a while back about it and there was comment about series 5 being the newest series supported. I couldn’t get my series 7 working so never looked at it again.

If the OH1 binding worked, then it’ll need more investigation and my series 7 TV doesn’t work so i’m not much more help sorry.

The documentation is wrong. “keycode” should be “keyCode”, that’s why I was getting the channel not supported error. The same happens to sourceName, programTitle, channelName… (composed named) channels.
It seems that the C (2010) model only supports the volume, mute, brightness, contrast, sharpness, colorTemperature, power and keyCode channels.
I also tried it on a E (2012) model and everything seems to work.
@pauli_anttila, please, update de documentation.

Thanks @jjmeseguer

PR created