SamsungTV Binding - remote control not working anymore

Hi all,

I’m quite new to the openHAB world (for two weeks or so), so this is my first post :grinning:

I’ve built a nice remote control in the HABpanel for my Samsung TV so I can control it with my smartphone. It DID work perfectly until today. Here is what happened:

Every few days, the TV sporadically found openHAB as a new remote control and asked if I want to allow it. Today I decided to delete openHAB as an allowed remote from the menu on the TV (MENU -> Network -> AllShare). I thought, re-adding openHAB here might just solve the problem.

Now, the remote control doesn’t work anymore and the TV won’t ask anymore if I want to allow it. The prompt, something like “openHAB wants to control this device - want to allow it?” doesn’t come up anymore. Funny enough, in the AllShare Menu on the TV, openHAB’s IP address got added automatically. So it looks like it’s allowed, but no function at all.

Since the Samsung TV app works as a remote control via WiFi, it can’t be a network issue. Here is what I’ve tried so far:

  • checked the Samsung TV thing in PaperUI -> it is ONLINE (!)
  • removed and re-added the Samsung TV thing in the things file
  • restarted openHAB
  • restarted the TV (also unplugged it)

Here are some facts:

  • Smart Samsung TV (Model UE37D6540US)
  • TV is connected via Ethernet
  • openHAB 2.5.5 running on a RasPi
  • Samsung TV thing is online in PaperUI

I don’t know how else to troubleshoot this. Any hint would be really appreciated!

Thanks a lot!

Did you use the correct websocket in the paper ui thing settings?

Samsung binding can be a little wonky at times tbh.
If the settings are right the tv should recognize openhab after rebooting.
At least for me after every reboot the TV asks for confirmation to allow openhab.

Thanks brizzik.

I don’t know what to set the websocket to. Also, I configured it via the things file. I also couldn’t find about it in the binding documentation.

However, I just got it working again. I ended up doing a factory reset on the TV :see_no_evil:
I don’t understand what was going on but at least it’s working now.


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