SamsungTV - Support of UHD Smart Monitor M7 S32AM704UR (32")

The documentation of the Samsung TV-Binding does mention a couple of supported TV models. Since I so far had no luck in adding my UHD Smart Monitor M7 S32AM704UR (32") (no auto-discovery and so far no luck in adding it manually via it’s IP address): Does the binding really only support “Smart TVs”, or, by now, also “Smart PC monitors” like mine? From what I can see, PC monitors are by now, except for the missing cable tuner, almost identical to TVs?

What’s odd: When I try to add my monitor manually via IP-address and port 55.000, my monitor prompts me on whether I’d like to allow the incoming connection (so something is happening in the background), but the actual Thing in openHAB does not make it to “status: online”.

Anyone around who has tried adding a monitor (and not a smart TV)?