SamsungTV - Thing going Offline

i have the same problem, samsung TV´s going offline, restart the binding makes it work again,


I’ve had the same problems.
I installed the Samsung TV binding and installed the thing.

Everything works fine.
After some weeks, the binding goes offline.
I don’t know why.
Restarted the server. -binding offline
I removed/installed the binding. - binding offline
Nothing’s changed. :frowning:

Yesterday I looked through the TV menus, and found under the network/allshare settings, that the Openhab server was blocked.
I changed the entry to allow, and everything works fine. :b
Maybe the tv is blocking the heavy communication?
I don’t know.
Up to now it is running stable.

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Damn thank you so much !

I had this issue from the begining, somtime working sometime not … and guess what, in the TV allshare settings, I have my openhab server listed twice, one allowed, and one forbidden !


Hoping this leads to an update that includes a larger pool of supported Samsung TVs -


Any news on this? My TV (Q70R from 2019) went offline after 10 minutes and I had to remove and add it in OH to get it online again.