Sanity check on item and sitemap

Hi all,

Still going through the paces to get OH down. I have a couple GE zwave-plus switches, I have my ecobee setup and going and I’m trying to build out my sitemap and the on/off from my android app, using my sitemap doesn’t work. The actions do work from the built-in/run-time sitemap.

Frame label=“Living Room” {
Text item=LivingRoomTemperature
Text item=LivingRoomOccupancy
Switch item=LivingRoomLight
Slider item=LivingRoomFan

Switch LivingRoomLight “Living Room Light” { zwave=“4:command=SWITCH_BINARY,refresh_interval=600” }
Dimmer LivingRoomFan “Living Room Fan [%d %%]” { zwave=“3:command=switch_multilevel” }

“Things” in question as Paper UI sees them:
the dimmer/fan control

the light swich

any tips/tricks for a newb would be greatly appreciated!

You are using zwave binding 1 version configs for zwave binding 2 version config (assuming you did install the zwave binding 2 version)

Switch LivingRoomLight “Living Room Light” { zwave=“4:command=SWITCH_BINARY,refresh_interval=600” }


Switch LivingRoomLight “Living Room Light” {channel="zwave:device:b1b0bd5d:node4:switch_binary” }

in zwave2 binding.

Even better: do your configuration through HABmin or PaperUI instead of text files, much more trouble free for certain devices …

If you are migrating from openHAB1 to openHAB2, see the migration tutorial:

Thanks! I typically default to CLI for most things, but I did go through the UI this time, and it worked great.

Thanks for your time!

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