Satel Binding Channel armed_mode_1 not working?

The Satel Binding documentation describes a lot more channels for partitions than I can see in PaperUI. For example armed_mode_1, armed_mode_2 etc. Why are these channels not available?

Using the Rest API I tried to manually link a switch item to channel armed_mode_1. When I use this switch, the partition gets armed, so it looks like the channel is working.

However, if I arm this partition in mode 1, the switch is not set to ON. Only the armed channel is enabled.

Any idea?

Look at the top right of the list of Channels. There will be a “Show more” there which will show all the Channels.

:man_facepalming:, never thought about that… thanks!

Now I need to find out why the linked switch does not to become active when my Satel is armed in mode 1…