Satel - Bypass zones


Although “bypass” is a valid state_type for “zone” objects, it’s currently not possible to actively bypass or unbypass zones, for example by using a Switch (iso Contact) item type. At least, I don’t think so by reading the code…

I had a quick look at the Satel protocol description and the existing Satel binding and at first sight it seems doable to support this. For example, by creating a ZoneControl enum that implements the ControlType interface and making use of the 0x86 and 0x87 Satel command.

Any thoughts or interest for this?

Br, Chris.

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Hello Chris,
this is definitely doable and actually quite easy to implement. If you’re interested I will make required changes in the code so you could test them. Please let me know.


Yes, I’m definitely interested in testing it.

Thanks in advance, Chris.

Implemented and created a PR: