Satel - door lock

anyone run doorlock with satel binding and INT-SCR module? Is it possible realize time driven door unlock functionality for this module?

Hello Jarek,
I don’t have this hardware, but I think it should be possible to control doors, at least if I understood the documentation correctly. Just define a switch item for some doors and try to unlock them from the app. If it works, you can then write simple rule to control them. I hope it will work.


My problem is that I do not know how to identify these doors in item definition.
In the Satels nomenclature they are identified by expander name - they do not have a number assigned to it (such as input or output). Expander has only his name and address (it does not work - I tried).
Currently, I solved the problem by connecting the doorlock girectly in to the integra unit output and relay - I realizing opening without the int-scr module.

First of all I was wrong about controlling doors, it is not implemented yet. I was sure it is, but unfortunatelly it is not. The good news is it will be implemented very soon.

Regarding your doors - you need to find in dloadx what is your doors number, for example in output/timers/doors state view, shortcut is Ctrl+Y. There should be at least one doors available, but again I don’t have this module, so I am just guessing. Having doors number it will be quite easy to define an item for them. Once doors control is implemented in the binding, you will be able to open them using OH.

Had a one more look at the docs and it seems for doors you need to specify expander’s address. So in your case it should be ‘9’.