SATEL Integra binding: use motion detector to steer light?


as I understood, SATEL Integra binding uses polling to read out any events and the polling interval can be set.
I will be placing several motion detectors and I was wondering if I could use those to drive lights. The answer will most likely be “yes”, but my second question will then be: what is the response time ? Can an “instant reaction” be achieved ? Edit: I know it is set in milliseconds, but what is a good polling setting to achieve “instant reaction” without overloading the system ?

Secondly, is there any lightsensor involved too ? Meaning that one can set to have the lights switch on only below a certain nr of lumen ?

Thirdly: can the sensors still be read out if the system is armed ? Or in case it is not possible to read out when the system is armed, suppose the system is partly armed (e.g. only door- and window contacts during the night when we are still @ home), are the sensors that are not part of the “arming” still available for polling ?

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I have one light configured this way. Reaction time is OK for me, but there is obviously a latency between motion detection and light turned on. I have 1 sec polling time configured, not sure if with shorter I would achieve better results. Security PIRs are slightly different than the ones used in lights, because each motion must be verified before it sends active state to the alarm system.

As far as I know Satel has some ABAX2 light sensor. Visit their websote for the details.

Yes, they can.