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Hallo, i’ve Openhab 2 and i used rrd4j persistence to save some items and restore it on startup.
I’ve installed Openhab 3 and i’ve problems with restore data. I simply copy the same .persist file to the persisteance directory as i do with the others files (items, sitemaps, etc.)

Did you peform an upgrade on the existing OH2 installation or is your OH3 installation “new” (as in “green-field-appoach” without older data from prior to the installation?
Is there any log output that can be associated to your issue? Did you try to set the log level to debug?
Maybe this thread can help you.

rrd4j is the default persistence service in OH3 and should work with default settings as long as there is no persist file for it. If you could attach your rrd4j.persist file it would be easier to help.

Hallo, i perform an upgrade from OH2 to OH3. I’ve no log. Because data starts from 0 and dont restart from the last value.
I attach the persist file

rrd4j.persist.txt (2.8 KB)

The persist file does not seem to be consistent: you try to use a strategie named “everyUpdate” without defining it in the first section.

I think you can simplify the file as you have a strategy “everyMinute” defined. That covers the definitions “everyHour”, “everyDay”, “everyNight”. Meaning you can get rid of these definitions, but you need to delete them from the entries in the items section as well.

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