Save the status of "virtual" Items

Hi experts,

I need your help by following challenge:
I defined a “virtual/auxiliary” items for activate / deactivate of rules.

Switch Luftentfeuchter_rolle “Luftentfeuter-Rolle” <fan_box> (Luftentfeuchtergruppe)
Switch Humidity_automatisation_rolle “Benachrichtigung der Luftfeuchtigkeit” (Push_notifications)
Switch Akku_automatisation_rolle “Benachrichtigung der Akkustand” <battery_1> (Push_notifications)
Switch Alarm “Alarmanlage”
Switch Abwesenheit “Abwesenheit / Urlaub [%s]”
Switch Sommerpause “Sommerpause für Heizung” <radiator_could>
Switch Heizugsregelung_rolle “Heizungsregelung-Rolle”

After reboot of openhab service the stetted status go lost. Do I have any possibility to save a setted status of virtual Item after reboot?

Thanks in advance,

you are my hero @hafniumzinc
I used MapDB and its work after 2 min configuration … :partying_face:

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