Save TTS.mp3 in openHAB (in which the language is not supported by Alexa) and play it by echo dot

I am using echo dot to send the reminders based on the rules created in openHAB. The problem is that the user language is not supported by Alexa. So, when I use OpenHAB to do TTS and send it to Alexa, echo can not play the audio in the right way.
Is there any way to save the mp3 file created in openHAB (tts.mp3) and make Alexa play it as a normal mp3 file?

I would guess some of the music player binding features might be work trying. I do not use Alexa though.

Would you please be more specific?i am not an OpenHAB expert. where are these features? You mean use these features to access to tts.mp3 file ?

Thats a bit unclear…
TTS use a regular speaker, (could be Alxea speaker, Google Home speaker or any other speaker you have added to your openhab system).
I dont know of Aleax can play back a mp3 file, (I would assume it can). But if thats what you need, all you need to do, is to cast the mp3 file to your device.

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Thanks, I know that TTS use any regular speaker. The problem is that Alexa support a few languages and if you send any audio which is not included in supported languages it plays it in a strange accent.
I didn’t know that it is possible to access the .mp3 file and cast it to a drive and then I can play that file from Alexa.
Thanks for your help.

So you are not using any TTS on openHAB but just send the string you want it to say.
You can use one of the supported TTS services in openHAB so the sound will be generated on your server and it will only use Alexa as a speaker. However the voice will be different…

That will depend on the TTS you´re using. I use GoogleTTS, and it works fine for Danish. I think GoogleTTS support most language.

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The problem is that the gateway which we run openHAb on it has no speakers

Our gateway has no speaker

That’s not a problem if the Alexa device can be seen as an Audio Sink from openHAB. (I don’t know because I don’t use Alexa devices).
If yes, you can use it as like it is connected to your server.

Thanks, I dig a bit and come back to you in a bit.

Audio sink is not possible, as amazon does not support this, unfortunately.

Then you can’t do anything. That string you send to Alexa is processed by itself (I think it is sent to Amazon services first) and you can’t extract it. So openHAB does not know anything about this…
What you can do is use a 3rd party TTS service with a device that supports audio sink.
For example Google Home devices can do this easily through openHAB, but there are plenty of other solutions (just attach a simple speaker to your server, etc…).

Are you sure that Alexa can work as an audio sink?

alexa can not serve as an audio sink
I’ve been trying to find the thread but… anyhow… no

Thanks a lot, We use Alexa in our European project and i cant do anything about it, Thanks for your help. For sure we should find another way :slight_smile:
i was thinking to use ‘smart automation Routine’ in OpenHab to call a skill of Alexa (which play mp3 file)

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