Saving an edited .items file re-arranges sitemap groups

Am I the only one with this annoying problem?

Even minor editing in my .items file such as ‘labeltext’ or ‘iconname’ in Eclipse SmartHome Designer renders group-items in my sitemap shuffled when viewed in Basic UI or HabDroid.
Also happens after defining new items.
After a restart, the proper ordering is restored.

After a restart:

After saving just an extra space character in the .items file:

Not at all. A workaround is not to use Groups in your sitemap(s) to display member items, but instead to layout individual items, using nesting and frames etc. At first it seems a chore, then you discover other benefits of having full control of presentation.

Old history

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OK. Thanks for letting me know.
I’ve only been on-board since February so this issue went under my radar.

Will look into nesting and frames :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.
I determine a lot of the layout in my items file… easier, but will try to setup a new sitemap doing much more of the layout definitions in there. I have no problem creating submenus in itemsfile, easy… currently studying Thoms files on Github to understand the submenus in the itemsfile a bit better