Say (google tts) is not playing on Chromecast Devices

Hey folks,

Recently say("Test","googletts:enGBWavenetA","chromecast:audio:atticDesk") stopped working.

I’m using google tts. I do see the mp3 file being downloaded in openhab/userdata/cache/com.openhab.voice.googletts . Often i hear a beep than nothing. When i try second time there were no response and I see my ChromeCast Thing shows offline.

If i do playStream("chromecast:audio:atticDesk","doorbell.mp3") it works fine all the time.

Also i don’t see any errors in the logs.

I’m running openhab 3.0 using docker-compose. It actually stopped working when i was using previous version of openhab as well.

Have someone had similar issues ?

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@denominator i dont think its the same issue, as the mp3 files were downloaded from google tts and i also see incoming request in the google cloud console. So authorization code is not the issue here. I wonder is it something on openhab and chromecast side that either chromecast couldn’t access the file. Since openhab server and iots are in different network. Main network can access iot network but not the other way round.

Anyways, figured out the issue. It was as i expected. My firewall configuration blocked chromecast devices to reach openhab server. So i wrote new firewall rule to allow chromecast to access openhab and everything started to work like magic.

So the lesson learned, for the tts to work, the both server and chromecast devices should be able to talk to each other.