Scan does not find any devices

Hi guys,

I’m quite excited over the 2-release, so I wanted to test it with z-way (on Raz), using the z-way binding. I’ve configured the Thing (and the connector app in z-way), but when pressing Scan nothing happens.I get the pop-up “Scan for things” and I press “Refresh-icon” but then it goes on forever without finding anything. In the openhab.log I see:

2017-01-30 22:39:49.946 [WARN ] [wickau.informatik.sensor.ZWayApiHttp] - Request getDevices() failed: null
2017-01-30 22:39:49.952 [WARN ] [discovery.ZWayDeviceDiscoveryService] - Devices not loaded
2017-01-30 22:40:31.106 [WARN ] [wickau.informatik.sensor.ZWayApiHttp] - Request getDevices() failed: null
2017-01-30 22:40:31.113 [WARN ] [discovery.ZWayDeviceDiscoveryService] - Devices not loaded


In addition, I just realized that my z-way server does not appear in Inbox. In Configuration -> Things it appears ok, and says “online”.

Hi @picklo,

Which Z-Way version do you use?

Please correct me if I am wrong: Discovery for Z-Way Server works correctly and you create a thing (bridge) from the inbox. Then it is correct that the Z-Way Server no longer appears in the inbox.


Hi @pathec,

thanks for your quick answer. The version of z-way is v2.2.4 - haven’t had the guts to upgrade to latest since it’s just out.

Yes, I guess the discovery seem to work, since the GUI says the z-way is online and I’ve managed to create a thing. I tried to enter the wrong pwd and then I get an error as I should, so this seem to be working.

Ok, I just looked at the pic at

and saw that there are a lot of z-way servers in the inbox, but now I see that these are others tha the one that was just configured in the previous step. I now realize that it’s ok that it is not longer in the inbox. Thanx for the clarification.


With this version it should work. Can you send me your device list (YOUR_IP:8083/ZAutomation/api/v1/devices)?


We found the problem. Thanks @picklo for your message!

The problem was a missing property on the device (device type). The next version of the Z-Way binding skips the devices, with incomplete information.