Scatter Chart X/Y possible?

i have used chart pages some times. Also noticed that type scatter is possible.
But i did not get it working x one item and y an other item,

Given: I have 2 items with persistent values in influxdb

  • item cop1d has one value per day in there → this should go to X-axis
  • item temp1d has a lot of values per day, should have also one with same timestamp as cop1d and this should be used as y axis.

So it should plot 1 value per day which shows me the cop in relation to the (middle)temperature

here an example i found in internet

Is this possible with Scatter chart? And if possible how i have to do this?
I tried a lot of things but never got filled the second axis with values from second item.

ok, i interpreted that this seems not possible/not easy possible by integrated charting of openhab. i tried it by grafana. Therefor i had to add only the 2 measurements which i persisted by openhab, then join it by transformation by date column and i have what i want:

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