Scenario & UI based Scheduling - concept missing

Hi Openhab Fiends,

I have my OH2 System now up and running productively for several month. Things work as the should :-). Moving forward bringing more and more logic from specific systems to OH i miss one approach other systems have:

Wouldn’t it be great if we could define “Scenarios”? A scenario could bring several Items into a desired state. It could be anything, from light setup, roller shutter state or what ever.

Compared to the (old or new) rules a scenario could be done UI wise possibly pretty simple…

Once we would have such, the next question is how to trigger them.

  • A scenario could behave like a Item by itself. So you could trigger it manually and by any rule. Still it could be changed very easy.
  • Additionally, at the scenario we could have a simple scheduling (recurring schedule including astro features)

I do all of this today, sure - but with very technical tools. And every time i get a change request from family, i have to use programming tools :-(.

Is there any concept like the described on the backlog? if not, wouldn’t it be nice to have such scenarios to bring OH more into the direction of a consumer grade tool?


This has been discussed mutliple times. Check the Issues tracker on Eclipse SmartHome to see if there is an issue for it and the status.

I know for certain there is one for the scheduler.

Hi Rich,

i found discussions; even with your participation - but may be not the right one…

If there is more appropriate place for such discussions, i happily move there.

I think the concept of having a “Scenario” which configures Item states is so basic, that I’m surprised OH is missing it.

@Kai , may be you can give some thoughts there.


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