"Scene" tag not working with Google Assistant

I am using Openhab 2.5 integrated with Google Assistant and is working perfectly with Switch items using the tags “Switchable” and “Lighting”.

Now I have added some Switch items for scenes, and I planned to use the “Scene” tag for Google Assistant integration (as per https://www.openhab.org/docs/ecosystem/google-assistant/#item-configuration ) but those new scene switches does not appear on Google Home app after resync (if I tag them as “Switchable” or “Lighting” they appear)

I am doing somehing wrong? I know that it will work with “Switchable” but I want to use the “Scene” tag as it seems more adequate.


The doc’s do mention " (also depending on Googles API capabilities)" and I’ve read that google has made and will continue to make changes.

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@soyxan, Openhab items (switches exactly) tagged with ["Scene"] are visible in Google Home app under Routines -> Add Action (Browse popular actions tab) -> Adjust scenes:


Items file:

Switch  GHS_Movie       "OH Movie"      ["Scene"]
Switch  GHS_Morning     "OH Morning"    ["Scene"]
Switch  GHS_Music       "OH Music"      ["Scene"]

So you can include them in defining Routines in Google Home app and in Openhab create rules triggered by Scene items.


Hi all, so the “scene” tag works to port to google assistant fine on my accounts devices but not on a device of a user that I have shared the house with. All “items” (lights, sockets, etc) that I create appear on the 2nd user no problem but the scenes do not, interestingly, apart from one scene I created at the start.
When running the google command “synchronise devices” on the other users phone google returns the error that this can only be performed on the device which added openHAB. Even if i run a sync with my account successfully newly created “scene” tagged only appear on my main account devices. Has anyone seen this before / have any suggestions?

I’ve had the same issue that @lloydatron describes. The solution to allow other household members to use scenes was to link openhab not via the Google Home app, but through the Google Assistant app. Although they seem to share the same UI wrt. smart home integration, only the assistant app did recognize the scenes and they are now available for all household members.