Scheduled Maintenance on Sept 20 - Server Upgrade


You might have notied that we had some outages of the forum the past evenings.
Our analysis led us to believe that the main reason for it is the increased use and traffic of our forum - which in itself is a terrific thing!

To come back to a stable server, the board of the openHAB Foundation has approved an server upgrade, I have therefore scheduled a maintenance window for tomorrow morning 7.30am CET during which the server will be down, see our status page. We will upgrade to a 4 CPU + 8 GB RAM machine, which should hopefully handle the load easily.

Best regards and sorry for the inconvenience,


Fabulous news. Thanks!

Server has been upgraded successfully - we again had some outages this morning, though, so we will keep an eye on things and check what can be further optimized.

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The forum outages are pretty bad all day long - sorry for the inconveniences. Investigations are under way to identify the root cause and we do our best to come back to normal operation.

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