Scheduler is working?

I have the OH2 installed, is not the freshly version, but this problem always had occurred to me. I need to schedule some items and I want to use habmin to do it. When I try to create some scheduling I end in one modal window with errors and I’m unable to create any scheduling…

I recorded one video to show you the problem:

Someone can help me?

I believe that th scheduling Ui in habmin is more of a proof of concept. I recall a discussion somewhere and the bottom line was the new rule engine supports scheduling but there is no proper Ui for it at this moment.

If what you said is true, I think that the menu should be hide because is worthless having one fancy page without any functionality!

@Kai Can you give me some feedback about this?


No, sorry, I do not really know the features of HABmin in detail. You should rather reach out to @chris.