For a long time I was looking for a description of how to run a GUI schedule, is there any easy way to create schedules?

The short answer is “no”.

Your alternatives are to use the CalDav binding and put your schedules into a calendar that OH can access, or implement one of the many Alarm Clock examples:

Personally, I recommend stepping back and determining whether you really need a schedule or whether you can base your behavior off of events that occur naturally. For example, a lot of people want to schedule their heating based on a fixed schedule. But one can instead create a set of rules based on events and state to achieve the same desired result (i.e. heat to a desired temp when we need it: someone is home, house is too cold, time of day) without the need for a manually created schedule.

Thank you for your answer,
Some schedules can be converted into time-independent events, but there are schedules that are difficult to accomplish or there are no attendance sensors. Heating is difficult to set up just for the accident because to warm up the house you need time or lighting I would like to light up depending on the sunset and then switch off at a certain time.
I did something like this on arduino but I limited it to data during the week and weekend, I would expand this control and rely on OH but it probably will not do it

See, that isn’t a schedule, that is behavior based on events.

See the Time of Day Design Pattern. Sunrise is an event you can get from the Astro binding and you can set a Time cron trigger to get an event to “switch off at a certain time”. Where the hard part comes in is if you want to be able to set the off time in one of the UIs, which is difficult to support right now.

The ToD DP can be expanded to include day of week states as well (e.g. add a vDay Item which can be set to WEEKDAY, WEEKEND, HOLIDAY). Then your heating rule can check the state of vDay to determine what to do and when to do it.

All of these are events and very well supported in OH.