Scheduling reboot on RPi3

I want my RPi3 to reboot the first Sunday of every month. I have this entry in the crontab (sudo crontab -e)

0 0 3 ? 1/1 SUN#1 /sbin/shutdown -r now

I’ve validated that the entry is correct at Cronmaker

But the RPi does not reboot. Nothing in the log.

Any ideas?

CronMaker uses Quartz open source scheduler.

Your operating system doesn’t use Quartz. There is no seconds field. Use

0 0 3 ? 1/1 SUN#1 /sbin/shutdown -r now

This will shutdown, not reboot

The -r option should restart the machine.

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-r means reboot -h (halt) for shutdown. in any case, it doesn’t shutdown either.

Didn’t know that. I thought cron validated entries when you save a close (I use vim). Thanks, I’ll give it a try.