Schellenberg Rollo

I just installed the smart-friends-bridge from github on my raspi 4. via mqtt and SmartFriends box you are able to close and open your roller-blinds from OH. You also get a position feedback . „node smart.friends-box.js config.json“ is active as long as you don‘t stop your ssh connection. Question is , how to run this as a service?

Full docs are at systemd - Debian Wiki

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As I don‘t need an additional z-wave and zigbee controller, I now use the Schellenberg usb-stick instead of the smart friends box. This stick and the z-wave stick are both plugged in at the external usb hub at the raspi 4. OH communicates with the rollershutters via the serial binding. Due to the untalkative Schellenberg API, you don‘t get any information about position or condition of the blinds.

Does that mean you have Gen 1 shutters ? According to GitHub - airthusiast/schellenberg-rest-api Gen 2 should be able to send back their position.

That‘s all I get back from the serial Port when the movement has stopped( means after T1-T0 )

And that‘s what you get when the roller-shutter stops in top position by itself.

Finaly I found out, that the usb stick is only working with the roller shutters and not with the sunblinds.

Which USB stick are you using? The Schellenberg 21009 Magenta SmartHome Funk-Stick or is there another Schellenberg stick?
I’m looking for some OpenHab compatible way how to connect to the “Schellenberg 20264 Funk Markisenantrieb Premium” (Schellenberg 20264 Radio Awning Drive Premium).

I am using the Magenta stick. But this does not work for your device. Only devices labeled with „Magenta Smarthome“ are controllable by the stick.

But you can use the smart friends box via MQTT

Thank you for the answer, you’re right, I now found the disclaimer in the description of the Magenta stick.
Somehow the Smart Friends Box is “currently not available” on Amazon, but I guess it will be available sooner or later (or an updated version). Do you know how much was it costing approximately, when it was available?
I’ll buy the Schellenberg “Markisenantrieb” anyways, as it seems quite a unique product for this use case.