Schlage BE469 Locks ERROR: BRIDGE

Hey there, I’ve been able to set up my BE469 locks using an Aeotec Z-Wave controller running off of a Raspberry Pi 4. For some reason, however, after a few weeks all my devices begin showing up as: “ERROR: BRIDGE” and cease to work completely. Has anyone encountered a similar issue?

My controller also says the same and doesn’t appear to be readding to the Raspberry Pi. Thus, I’m assuming the issue is stemming from the controller, any reason why this would happen? I’d also like to note that I haven’t touched the system in a few months, so nothing has been changed.

For clarity “the same” means ERROR BRIDGE too?

What have you tried or just living with it? I’d try a binding restart in the karaf console.
Do you have other USB devices?
Do you have a UPS?
Sometimes after a power event the Zstick get added as a different device. Does the dmesg match the zstick or show any disruption?