Schlage BE469 - Zwave binding with security - missing features

Continuing the discussion from here specifically around the Schlage BE469 lock:

I am using the lates snapshot of the z-wave binding and tryign to integrate with my Schlage BE469 deadlock.

I have created a rule to determine the ‘state’ of the lock based on the ‘notification_access_control’ property.

From experimentation and help from user @5iver I have determined the following:
1 = Locked manually
2 = Unlocked manually
5 = Locked with keypad
6 = Unlocked with keypad
9 = Auto lock
11= Jammed

I was expecting the value of this property to change when the lock was tampered with or the forced entry alarm sounded however my experiments found that in either of these situations the value of this property changes to ‘2’.
This seems strange as ‘2’ also signifies ‘unlocked manually’ however the lock remains locked.
Can anyone validate this behaviour and has anyone managed to detect the alarm using this or any other property?

Also, I would like to know the number of the user code that was used to unlock the lock via the keypad.
So if the lock and user code 3 for example is used to unlock the lock via the keypad, I would like access to a property that changes to value ‘3’ so I can use this in a rule.
Does anyone know if this is possible?

Finally, I would like the ability to set and delete user codes via rules. As far as I understand it this can be achieved via a new property in the definition of the lock but I don’t know where to start with this. Does anyone have any ideas?

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I am using items linked to the alarm_number channels, but maybe the security alarms come through the alarm_general channel? Since last setting up my locks with the test binding, I haven’t enabled the security features but it’s in my to-do list. I’ll set this up and do some testing in the next few days to see if I can find where the security alarm codes come through.

Both of these topics actually came up recently in the other thread! I hope I haven’t led you astray… my intention in asking to open a new thread was to specifically discuss rules related to using the alarm notification to set the state of a lock, or other rule stuff. The other thread is probably best for feature requests, issues,and questions specifically related to the test binding. Sorry for my miscommunication. But if/when the entered user code becomes available, I would definitely be interested in discussing how to integrate into a rule.

I can’t be 100% sure but I know I was watching this channel also during my testing. I attached an item to each of the channels, changed the settings on the lock and triggered the tamper then the alarm, I reviewed the events.log after each test. As far as I know the alarm_general channel did not register any events but I may have missed it. I have never seen the alarm_general channel change in any of the situations so I’m not sure if it responds to anything at all.

No problem at all. I have been trying to keep up with the other mega-thread also and did see some chat about user codes. I wasn’t sure if they were talking about the ability to change user codes or detect them… I should re-read it. If it is in progress then I don’t mind waiting I was just under the impression that other locks had this and other functionality and it may just be an case of updating the BE469 entry in the z-wave devices DB but it seems that is not true.

@5iver It looks like you are interested in the same outcomes as me so I will continue to monitor the other thread and experiment with my lock but, if you don’t mind, if anything changes regarding the questions I posted and anything else significant about this lock for that matter, if you could update this thread that would be great! Thanks!

p.s In case it makes any difference regarding your comment

I used to have my BE469 locks paired with the z-wave module in an ISY994 and this information was available via the ISY, so hopefully it’s just a case of when for this binding.

Would it be possible to share this rule? are you updating a virtual switch?

You can find an example of such a rule through the link from the top of the thread.

Do you know if there is plans or the ability to get a access control # for remote lock/unlock.

Currently if i remotely unlock the lock the code # never changes. same goes for when i remotely lock it.

What version of the binding are you using? This is currently functional in the development zwave binding. I’m using the alarm_number channel and get the codes listed in the first post. Are you getting any codes?

The latest from 04 July 2017.

I get those codes above. but if you have a rule that locks/unlocks the lock via openhab or loading up a sitemap and toggling the lock switch to unlock/lock, you don’t get an alarm number for those actions

A visual, within Habmin if i were to toggle the Door Lock Switch from On to OFF, or OFF to ON. The alarm (Number) never changes.

Possibly this means the device isn’t sending an alarm update? If you want to send me a log I’m happy to take a look (open a ticket on my website and attach it there - don’t post security related logs here :wink: ).

IMHO, the way these locks work is a bit disjointed, and the way OH/ESH works doesn’t really make it easy to provide multiple bits of information linked to a single event. I’m seriously thinking about making more use of string type for this sort of information so that it’s at least useful in rules.

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I might be blind, I’m logged into your website but i don’t see anything about opening a ticket anywhere…

Ooops - I should have said you also need to register to see the ticket option :blush:.

Still blind lol. Where is register? hah?

I think if you click on login, you can login or register if not already registered…

This is all i see after being logged in. Username is Python

Even if you refresh maybe? Strange - I’m pretty sure it doesn’t require any other access.

Ahh! I tried IE and i see “Tickets”. Chrome doesn’t like your site…

Try again now - it looks like you registered a while back, and at that time default permissions were different - I’ve just updated…

Chrome is fine (I use it here most of the time) - it was the permissions on your account…

Correct, i guess i flipped over to IE the same time you fixed the account lol. I see Tickets on both browers now, thanks!
I’ve submitted my log as well, ticket # bFzdXYhHxqG