Schlage Connect or Sense?

I would like to start my OpenHab journey by integating my new Schlage Sense lock to my my system. Will the Schlage Sense work for this or do I need to return it and get the Schlage Connect lock?

I dont want to return what I have already installed but I will if i find out there are excessive limitations to using the Sense vs. the connect.

IIRC, the Sense is bluetooth, so you will need to investigate if the bluetooth binding would be functional for the lock. Range may be an issue. The Connects use zwave, and work well with the zwave binding, with one caveat. Unless they have changed the firmware in the last year or so, they do not report ON/OFF for the lock state. You will need to take in a raw chunk of json, through the alarm_raw Channel, parse it, and then update an Item’s state to reflect the locks current state.There are rules posted in the forum for this, and personally, I prefer it this way. For example, is the door locked if it is jammed? Using alarm_raw, you get to decide.

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Thank you!

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