Schwaiger ZHR01 Roller Shutter not in database (equal GOAP zmnhcd 4.5)

I bought 3 Schwaiger ZHR01 Roller Shutter which are equal to GOAP zmnhcd protocol version 4.5,
only the manufacturer id is different.

Data from xml file:
version 4
manufacturer 0x159
deviceId 0x52
deviceType 0x3

I try to register in the new datebase without success.
Is there someone who can create a new database entry for that device by copying the data from the GOAP zmnhcd 4.5?


In fact the manufacturer id is the same as well - this is a Qubino (GOAP) device. Is there any difference with this device (v4.5 you say?) and the one that is in the database (V 4 and below). I guess not, but we should check before changing the database.

What is the problem?

Hi Chris.
I mean this entry:
Firmware greater than 4.2
If manufacturer id is the same, shouldn´t my device been recognized by openhab?
If needed, I have the complete XML-File.

I was registered in old database and made a new Password request, but didn´t get one.

Good point - this should work fine if your device is v4.5? Or is your version 4?

Can you compare these two devices to work out which one you have?

There is a gap in the versions - one is <4 and one is >4.2. If you have v4, then it won’t be found - if you have v4.5 then it should be found.

password mail just arrived

If its the entry “version” in xml, then it is 4, not 4.5.

protocol version was 4.5

The difference seems to be that V4 doesn’t have parameter 86. If you check your manual, does it have this parameter?

No, there no parameter 86.

Manual is only available in german:

Thanks. I’ve updated the database - I’ll probably do an update tomorrow.

Thank you very much.
I will test it tomorrow.

Have a nice weekend.

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