Schwaiger ZHS06 = Fibaro FGMS001 Motion Sensor

Hello Folks,

for those who may hesitate to buy a Schwaiger ZHS06!

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I just want you inform that “Schwaiger ZHS06 Motion Sensor” =Fibaro FGMS001 Motion Sensor” and it is running with OH2. It is detected as “FGMS001 Motion Sensor”.

In z-wave database it is the following device:

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P.S. Many thanks to @sihui :slight_smile:

@chris Should we put this into your database?

If I understand correctly, it is already there? Above you said it is detected as a “Fibaro FGMS001”? If that’s correct, then it’s already in the database.

@chris Yes, it is in your database, but it is also sold in Germany under brand name “Schwaiger” ZHS06 and not under brand name Fibaro. see here: link. Maybe some people get confused by this or they may hesitate to buy one?

Schwaiger also has: Flood Sensor (ZHS07) = Fibaro FGFS-101: see here link

and Schwaiger Wall Plug (ZHS13) = Fibaro FGWPx-101: see here link

and many other products that look like Fibaro. But I didn’t test ZHS07 and ZHS13 with OH2.

Maybe it is possible to put a hint into your database, that Fibaro also is branded under “Schwaiger”?

Ok, but this is still a Fibaro device, so there’s no way for the binding / database to know the difference since the manufacturer is reported as a Fibaro.

The only thing I can suggest is to add a comment in the description.

@chris It’s up to you. If you think it makes sense, write it down there. Thanx. :slight_smile: .