Schwaiger ZHS10 4 in 1 Sensor (identified as Philio PST02A Slim Multisensor)

Hi all,

With the help of this forum by reading some previous topics I was able to make the sensor mentioned above work.
My issue is I still got an “Error-400 Bad Request” message when I switch parameter via paper UI.
It seem not to do any harm and the device is working, but is there a risk that it will damage something ?

Any help is appreciated


PaperUI is for configuration not control and some items can not be controlled via PaperUI. Create a sitemap file add your items and use BasicUI (make sure to install BasicUI via PaperUI).


So it shouldn’t do any bad to my configuration. By the way, I got the failure when I put an ITEM in and saved it. I don’t use Paper UI to controll something, at the moment I try to explore HABPanel for doing that.
To be save, I deleted it completely in Paper UI and get it back in with HABMIN and now it works without any issue.



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