screen.viewAreaWidth @OH4

I am still migrating my system from oh34 to oh40.
Now I’m facing problems with the screen.viewAreaWidth property at openhab4.
It is often not working properly working, especially for smaller screens. In this case it is simply set to undefined / nothing.

With oh34 its working.

Can somebody share this perception?


I don’t use screen.viewAreaWidth much, but a quick test simulating several different mobile screens didn’t demonstrate any problems.

You’re going to need to see if you can narrow down/replicate the problem. Does this just happen with a browser (if so which do you use)? Does it happen only in the mobile APP (again, which one)?

Can you post the code of one of the widgets where it doesn’t work?

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thx for your support.

I prepared a page with following block

component: oh-label-item
title: = (screen.viewAreaWidth)

The label is correctly showing the width.
But as soon as the width is getting lower then 600 the value gets undefined and the label is showing nothing.

Any hint?

Without more information (see other questions in my first post) this cannot be replicated.