Script to pull future electrical prices from Tibber API

Continuing the discussion from Tibber Binding:

I am also interested in this function directly in binding , in the meanwhile I created a script that might be usefull that pulls the “tomorrow” prices from Tibber and inserts it into a seperate Influx DB. That way you can atleast get some graphs. It would also be possible to modify to update items etc.

Anyway, it’s available here…

I like your script. I have not tested the Tibber binding yet as I recently ordered the Tibber. But when it’s up and running I want to present some graphs of current and tomorrow’s price as you do and control my heat pump by spot price.

Have you improved your script to predict the best time to perform energy consuming activities or control devices based on spot price?

Im sorry to say no. But I plan on doing that within a forseen future as I currently expecting an EV to arrive later this year.

I have since switched to homey, but planned to maybe do a python on docker solution with triggers to the controller, I guess it would be possible to implement in OH as well.