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Hello gents,

i know the conversation has been endless but can I get someone expererienced to share his knowledge?

I am setting up an openhab 3 on an RPI4 for my Zwave network. It is a transition from a previous system. I have a number of challenges to address - zwave binding/bridge goes offline for some reason after a few days but more importantly I need to learn what the best way to set it up is - so i mess around/

This means I end up “breaking something” meaning i end up needing to start from scratch. I need a solution (call it a backup if you like) where:

I can revert to a previous version of my SD card/setup.
I tried to use the SD mirror function from the openhabian config function but I just tried testing switching cards and it doesnt start up. My undersatnding from documentation is that this would be enough to revert to a previous version (depsite loosing settings)

Is there a way to do this? Dont mind having multiple SD cards for now. Latter on when i am sure of my desired setup I will certainly need a permanent backup method (be able to quickly recover my smarthome with minimum losses resulting primarily from SD failure) but until then a simple quick revert would be enough.

Any ideas what the smart way is?

so to answer the question for myself :slight_smile:

  1. I used win32disk on my windows 10 pc to backup the “active card” into an exact copy of the card.
    NB: you pick the first of the two partitions of the attached sd reader and this backups the entire card. i created a file name and this saved the image of the entire disk using the read button.
  2. Then mostly as a test I used etcher to write the image to a new 16gb card.
  3. loaded it up in the Rpi and all good
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As your option obviously requires you to take OH down SD mirroring is a better option. It works with an up to date openHABian if you handle it right. Then again this is not what it was built for so the better option would be to properly setup Amanda.
It works fine in current openHABian installs

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