Searching for a good and not too expensive blinds controller

I want to install controllable blinds in my home and I’am looking for a good system that is not too expensive. But the system should have the ability “know” the actual blinds position and to set the blinds to a specific position by a simple percentage command.

I’am currently using one wire to control most of my devices. I found some one wire controllers, but sadly they all just support up, down and stop commands. I found some intelligent KNX controllers who are able to report the blinds position, but then I also have to buy an expensive ip router.

Could someone recommend a good controller that is not too expensive?

In theory, openHAB should be able to store the blinds position, you would not need to do that on the actuator, so it should be possible to stick with OneWire.
Then again, we all know there’s various reasons why this can run out of sync.
There’s zwave roller shutters from Fibaro, Qubino and Philio at 50-60€ per window. Plus another 50-60€ for a zwave stick (you need just one). I chose to go with the Fibaro FGRM-222. See manual if that fits your needs.
Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for my blinds to get installed, so I can’t share any experiences yet, other than general experience with zwave and other Fibaro devices, which is very good.


Thanks for the hint. I also found the Fibaro FGRM-222 controller after some searching. Are there also any Z-Wave roller shutters with support for multiple windows in one device?

None that I know of (short of DIY solutions), and I, too, have searched for one of those. If you find one, let me know.
I just learned how much my blinds will cost me. Motor && installation are much pricier than the actuators, and DIY will easily end up in calibration problems, so I’d recommend against that.

Hello David

I use some Fibaro FGRM-222 with my venetian blind. They work great, also with a percentage-command.
But, you can only use one blind with one Controller.

It’s more correct to state ‘with one actuator’. There’s only a single controller for the whole ZWave network. In theory, you can attach multiple motors to the same actuator, although it only ever makes sense when the windows are of equal height.
In practice there’s many reasons (electrics contraints) why you should not. I strongly recommend against trying to do so.

Just wanted to mention that I got my venetian blinds to work using FGRM-222, too.There’s still a problem,though, to control lamella tilt if you have second-gen FGRM-222, because you need to use proprietary commands. See this thread.