Searching for a HiFi Receiver

Hey all,

I’m searching for a quite “simple” hifi receiver, that can be controlled with openHAB.

It should have

  • Stereo output (left and right speaker)
  • 2 inputs
  • Ability to power on and off and change input channel via openHAB (preferable other ethernet)

I’m using a Raspberry for playing music, thus the receiver doesn’t need to stream or play from USB/CD/Bluetooth.

You should take a look at Logitech’s Harmony. It integrates well with openhab and can control most receivers, tv’s and other devices. I use it with openhab to control an older Onkyo receiver, a newer Sony TV, an xbox, a set-top box, an other devices.

Same as @bdollerup, I’m doing this with Logitech Harmony Hubs. When my Chromecasts turn on/off, OH automatically turns on/off my AV equipment and sets the input channels.

Logitech’s database is huge (and searchable), and you can program IR commands for devices that aren’t already in it.

It might seem a bit overkill for your scenario, but used Harmony Hubs are inexpensive and work pretty well with OH.

Indeed, sounds like overkill to me, too. Anyway, thanks for your suggestions.

Since my current receiver isn’t supported, I’d need to buy a new one. Thus I can buy one, that is supported without any hub.

I’m using a Yamaha receiver with Ethernet capability. Works very well with the Yamaha binding. Seems to check all your requirements.

That said, harmony hub is also a great suggestion. I have that as well and it works great.