Searching for cause of error from logfile

I’ll restart the system, as it was not clear from the posting how to restart the generic mqtt binding.

I have corrected the statements that tried to force a position number into a switch. Will double check configs to be certain none were missed.

After that, I will finish moving everything from PaperUI into config files and be able to clean out the JSON files to remove any cruft that is causing issues.

I’m working on getting more info as to what data the channels are returning. I’ll post that soon.

I should note that moving the shutter generates the entries below AND replaces the “dash” position with a numeric value.

11:31:48 MQT: stat/RS_LRw_Window/RESULT = {"Shutter1":{"Position":0,"Direction":0,"Target":0}}
11:31:48 MQT: stat/RS_LRw_Window/RESULT = {"ShutterPosition1":0}

Is there a reason you need the position reported every 5 minutes? Might the rollershutter change it’s position without the sonoff reporting it? In any case, you should be able to create a second rollershutter channel for the reporting and link both to the same item.

That’s just a default Tasmota thing: the TELE topic has a message pushed to it every five minutes.

Thanks hafniumzinc. Yes it is default behavior. However, I am looking into all of the suggestions provided by this community. Many thanks for helping me down this road. OH has a steep learning curve.

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