Searching for cheap motion Detection Hardware working with OH3

Hi guys,

I am looking for a hardwaresystem which maybe is already working with oh3 to Control f.ex. 12v low cost motion Sensors (20-50 piezes…) and laser barriers. Any idea how to go on?

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DIY or plug and play?

All posible.
Need a central unit to connect the motion detectors. In my Hause i have knx and a Abb security terminal…but still Not in use…and for a New project i am looking for another solution… also with rfid dooropeners etc…
Do you have an idea or already a working system?

I use mysensors, which is very DIY but cheap. You will need to build a mysensors gateway, then you can add sensors to your mysensors network.

Another option would be using Zigbee - there are quite a few cheap Zigbee motion sensors available. You will need a Zigbee hub or USB coordinator dongle, to which you can pair the sensors.

Both of these options can interface with openHAB either through native bindings, or via MQTT.

Thanks for the Idea.
The problem is that i need the Sensors in diferent areas (greemhouses) far away from the oh server. I dont know if its posible to connect the receivers of the sensors in severall rooms via LAN p.ej. or whatever… maybe i have to put an WiFi ap in every greenhouse and use shelly or whatever…but i would like to Use a cabled and cheap solution…

Motion sensors in a greenhouse?

What’s the distance, and what’s between the hub and your greenhouse? Note that a few of the technologies (including mysensors) create a mesh between nodes, so distance from the hub might not be as much of an issue if you have a few sensors.

I’m getting good range via Zigbee from a CC2531 through a couple of floors, partition walls and a brick wall, and via an NRF24 with mysensors through a couple of floors and two insulated brick walls to the garage.

Your experience will vary!

The greenhouses are 10x60m and some are 20m distance 2 others in 100-200m But in diferent levels so no connection. Therefor i Was thinking to put a receiver or what it can be in every greenhouse. So only a zigbee-usb-stick on the oh server is not posible. I also want to put temperatur and humidity Sensors…

I use a shelly to expose the state of a sensor.

Hi Roel,

I am trying shelly also now…Looks promising…but I have some Problems:

Oh 3.2 snapshot
With shelly binding

Only working correct is temperature via shelly1 with addon and on/off of shelly plus.
Rest i get Not working!
No motion alarm…no data from shellyht or motion…nothing
Is the Bindung still buggy or do you habe a working config to share for

Hope to here from you,

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