Searching low cost Z-Wave temp sensor

Hi there,

i’m looking for a low cost temp sensor without any frills like LED display and so on. Just a plain temp sensor which runs with openHAB’s Z-Wave binding.

Any suggestions?

I know of none and am skeptical that there are any. Because of the licensing costs for the zwave protocol itself selling a bare bones sensor really wouldn’t be much cheaper than one of the fancy ones anyway so it wouldn’t make sense to manufacture them.

The only ‘cheap’ option is to get a multifunctional sensor or actor. They’re still 40-60 €, but at least you get more than just temperature for the price.
Cheapest option I know is to attach a DS18B20 temp sensor (1 € on *bay) to a Fibaro FGK door/window contact.
All Qubino actors (if you happen to have one in range) also allow for adding these.

You don’t mention where you are located, but if this is an option for you, I have found them to work well.

You get motion and temperature for a reasonable price.

Unfortunately the cheap sensors from are not available in Germany.