Searching video surveillance software with API


I’m searching a video surveillance software to integrate my (at the moment) 2 wifi ip cameras. they are accessible via onvif / rtsp.

What I want to do is, that the software also has an API (e.g. webservice) so that I can use an external motion detector and activate recording in the video surveillance software via openhab and the API of the software.

I currently tested ispy, blueiris. Blueiris seems to be better what I’m searching for but as far as I saw in the short time, there is no integrated webservice.

budget as best for free, but at maxiumum 100€ (better max 50€). edit: needs to be run on windows 10

Have a look at shinobi





forgot one thing to mention, sorry. server os is windows 10.

shinobi looked good on datasheet. I had a look in windows installation… but I end up at the point that an SD card is required. mhmhmh… sad :confused:

Shinobi is a javascript server application
I run linux though so I don’t know why you would have needed an SD card

Warning : Shinobi is running on a process manager, PM2, which sometimes opens command windows for other tasks. Choosing not to use PM2 avoids this command window issue, see below on different start methods.
Please create a Ram Disk or use an SD card for your temporary files. To avoid this you can install Ubuntu Desktop instead. Ubuntu comes with a temporary directory for you to use by default so it is not necessary to set one for it.


Set your windowsTempDir inside your conf.json. You must do this on Windows or you may end up with very bad performance and possibly shortening the life of your hardware at the same time.
It is recommended that you use ImDisk or a SD Card as the temporary directory.
More information about conf.json file can be found here.

You are missing a lot of good, well working, free stuff :rofl:

Time to think about moving to linux… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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yea… could be that in future I will run hyperv on my windows server. until now I still didnt want that to save energy costs etc. but I believe in the next month I will move a lot in virtual machines.

I ditched windows 3 years ago after a computer failure and I haven’t looked back. The learning curve is a bit steep at first but if you go with a mainstream distro like ubuntu you will find it quite familiar. A lot to learn but the flexibility is great. Also the support from the open source communities is fantastic.

#1 vote for Blue Iris which I have been using for years…

yesterday I had contact to support because my trial phase ended and on their homepage I was missing a good feature list. so it seems that blue iris also has a (small) webservice function in their webserver implemented. I tried a bit and there are only 2 questions I still have (regarding different authentication if accessing via localhost or LAN / and starting manual record via /admin command that every record will be saved in one single file instead of new files).

also one cool feature is that I can grab their (m)jpeg stream what I currently do with VLC reencoding form rtsp to mjpeg… So I just need blue iris for this in future.

I ended with blue iris. Bought it yesterday. All features I needed are implemented. Also what is really cool is the implemented rtsp mjpeg converter which is not easy to find one for windows OS :stuck_out_tongue: vlc was always a bit buggy.

Take a look to Dahua systems, are not free but has a good API.
Good luck

sorry but too complicated to find any information of their software and a place to buy it.